Rebrand Walmart!

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"Always Low Prices"... but we know there's more to the story.

After a wave of unprecedented Walmart strikes around the country, the 99% is stepping up to rebrand Walmart and inform customers of the real cost of shopping at Walmart.

$8.81 is not a living wage! Stand with striking Walmart Workers Until ALL Demands are Met! No More Retaliation! No More Abuse!

Since this project started on Black Friday in NJ, we've had numerous requests from activists, customers and Walmart workers who want to culturejam their own Walmart store.

Let's make it happen. Here are printable files and instructions on how to make your own Rebrand Walmart signs.

Send photos and videos of the signs you put up (at your own risk and discretion)!!

Make people laugh. Make people think. Cause consternation. Challenge the consumer to re-examine his/her environment and choices, but be creative not destructive!

Povery Pay Keeps Price Low
A project of 99 Pickets, a working group of Occupy Wall Street. Contact us at 99pickets (at) gmail (dot) com.